Dictionary Initializer - C# 6 Language New features

Dictionary Initializer has existed feature since C# 3. Microsoft enhanced this feature in C# 6 by adding ability to directly initialize a value of a key. Today, I am going to share one of the new feature of C# 6 "Dictionary Initializer". We will discuss How Microsoft change from existing Dictionary Initializer syntax to new Index initializer feature while you are initializing dictionary.

Dictionary is used to represent a collection of Key and value pairs. Most developers use a Dictionary for keeping a generic collection of data. You can use a HashTable for same, but Dictionary has more powerful features than the HashTable.
In previous C# versions, we have to use curly braces for initialize value.
Dictionary<int, string> dic = new Dictionary<int, string>()
     {1, "USA"},
     {2, "INDIA"},
     {3, "UK"},
     {4, "AUS"}
In C# 6, you get simpler and cleaner approach to initialize your dictionary.The new syntax is significant clear and save your few key strokes. C# 6.0 makes this possible through the C# object initializers and a new index member syntax.
<index> = <value>
How to use
Dictionary <int, string> dic = new Dictionary<int, string>()
    [1] = "USA",
    [2] = "INDIA",
    [3] = "UK",
    [4] = "AUS"
If you want to add new elements in the collection, it's so easy now.
dic[5] = "CHINA";
dic[6] = "JAPAN";
Conclusion : Index initializer is already exists in array and other, Microsoft just uses the same concept for the Dictionary. That's make Dictionary Initiazlier more clean and simple.